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Muhammad Arshad

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Register and login to you’re Account Add to cart ani software Pay with paypal on checkout page Your order will be instant complete The system redirects you to the download page

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If you pay with bitcoins Your order will not be an instant complete bitcoin payment takes a little time Your order manual checked after the payment is completed. You will get an email to complete the order


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To purchase software, first add credit point in your account Select the credit point in the payment option and make payment with credit point Your order will be Complete instantly The system will redirect you to the download page Auto add credit point paypal Contact to add a credit point from another payment

1 point = $1

My Passion

I work for Smart LED TV’s software and hardware And I’ve been doing this for some good 30 years I also help people on WhatsApp software and fault finding Go to the Whatsapp page in Footer area and join WhatsApp The common running software that can be downloaded for free 16 MB file is free You will have to pay a bigger file